The Firm

The Garner Law Firm began representation of insurance companies in subrogation matters in 1989. The Firm rapidly became a large volume subrogation recovery firm in the early 1990’s representing many insurers in varying areas of recovery, and has collected significant sums annually since the inception of its subrogation practice. The Firm’s attorneys are well experienced in trial, mediation, and negotiation of disputes with opposing counsel, insurers, corporate entities, and individual claimants. The Firm has represented insurers in recovery of claims including, but not limited to, automobile accidents, personal injury, fire and casualty claims, premises and product liability claims, breach of contract, bailment, claims under the Deceptive Trade Practices Act, and workers’ compensation.

The majority of the Firm’s cases are in central Texas and Gulf Coast counties within the “triangle” area created by Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. Our attorneys and staff have developed a working knowledge of the counties and courts in Texas, particularly in the primary geographical area described. The Firm also accepts cases in other areas of Texas on a case by case basis.

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